Webcam Consultations


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Utilize our FREE webcam consultation tool for various business and support matters. This method of communicating with our clients is a huge advantage for both parties. 

We understand that dealing with hair loss is stressful and when it comes to finding a solution things can get quite challenging. Therefore we hope by offering this method of contact it can make the whole process a bit easier. Clients can explore the solutions we have to offer and discuss the details with our technicians. Consulting via webcam is beneficial for us and our clients. Having a visual understanding of the task at hand will give us the information we need to develop the best solution for the client. 

This feature can also be utilized by our Professional clients who place custom orders with us. The finals steps of placing and submitting custom orders to our manufacturer is to have a final conversation with the client to ensure that all the details of the system is correct. This feature now gives the ability to both parties to provide visual representation and direction if needed. This minimizes any room for errors and helps boost productivity and order accuracy.