Choosing the correct density is one of the most essential factors in ensuring your hair system looks unbelievably natural. It is pointless investing in a hair system that is obvious and detectable as a result of choosing the wrong density and the simple truth is that an unnatural looking hair system can be noticed from far away. One of the main reasons why most other hair systems are so easily detectable is a result of too high density.

We strongly recommend that when choosing your density you opt for a transitional density that replicates nature. This means selecting a density coverage which has a subtle graduation to it just like real growing hair.


Some might believe that choosing a heavy density everywhere will mean that their hair system lasts longer. This is not the case as the quality of workmanship and after-care determine the lifespan of a hair system.

LIGHT (70)
MEDIUM (110)
HEAVY (130)


Density means how thick or thin the hair system is.  Appropriate density will create a natural looking, undetectable hair system. The heavier density is, the less natural and detectable. The following chart will help you to choose the appropriate density for your age and gender.

female chart
male chart

We rarely recommend heavy density since bulk hair systems are uncomfortable, hard to manage and attach, less natural, but cost more since we have to pass the extra cost to you since the factory will increase the cost for heavy density.

But each people is different, base type, hair color, wave, and curl will also affect the density recommendations. Our hair consultant will go over with you and help you to make the right decision.