Adhesives Products

Utilizing liquid adhesives for bonding hair systems can help you achieve the most natural overall appearance, especially the front hairline.

It is important to understand that liquid adhesive products can work and react differently to each individual. Certain factors such as skin type and body chemistry of the individual using it may have positive or negative results. 

With so many options available on the market today, trial and error is the only way to determine the best adhesive product for you. 

The overall goal is to find the most effective adhesive product that will provide you with a strong bond for the expected duration.

  • Skin/Scalp Type

    The skin on the scalp is the base and foundation of the hair system. Make sure to have a clear understanding of the type of scalp you have. Is your scalp oily, sensitive, or dry? Make sure a patch test is always performed.

  • Body Chemistry

    Body chemistry can affect the reaction of the adhesive depending on factors such as skin acid levels, sweat gland porosity, skin temperatures, and more.

  • Climate Conditions

    Climate conditions should be considered because it triggers your body to sweat. Also to much exposure to the sun is not good for the hair system.

1-7 Days

Daily Wear


1-2 Weeks

Extended Wear


2-4 Weeks

Maximum Wear