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Hair System Cut-In Service


Cut-in service session with a licensed professional

Service Duration

1 Hour & 50 Minutes

Deposit Required




The cut-in service begins with preparing the scalp for attachment by tape, glue, or a combination of both. We begin by shaving down all the hair in the areas where the system will be attached. It is important that those areas are clean and completely bare so the adhesive or tape can have maximum adhesion.

Now that the surface is clean we take an additional step and apply a scalp protector. The benefits of using a scalp protector is it creates a barrier between the scalp and the glue or tape to protect your skin and also promotes a better bond.

Now that scalp is ready for attachment we will take the necessary steps depending on your selection of glue or tape and begin to attach the system to your scalp. This process involves making sure that the system is making contact without any wrinkles or folds and is sitting completely flat against the scalp. 

We want to make sure that there is no areas where the system is lifting or not making contact to the scalp.

Once the system is securely attached we proceed to cut the hair down and create a seamless transition where your natural hair ends to the edge of the hair system. If done correctly, you wont be able to tell where the hair and the system meet. 

Now that the hair system is attached and a seamless transition is established, we finalize by cutting and styling the clients hair to the desired look they request.

Additional information

Service Duration

1 Hour 50 Minutes

Required Deposit to Book