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Do not wash your hair for the first 24 hours after attachment, avoid any contact with water or moisture and avoid being in areas that are humid, steamy, & hot

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Refrain from activities such as working out, playing sports, or other activities that will raise your body temperature or cause you to sweat.

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Touching, styling, or combing the hair should be avoided for the first 24 hours. You don’t want the hair system moving or shifting around too much.


Comb the hair from the back towards the front when you first get out of the shower. This helps comb out any knots or tangles without the risk of your hair system getting detached. Taking a shower weakens the bond due to the heat and moisture but as your body cools down and everything begins to dry, the bond will re-harden. Combing the hair straight back immediately can cause the hair system to be pulled from your scalp if you catch a tangle or knot and if this happens the bond will not re-harden the same way.

If the front of your hair system begins to loosen, it’s okay to touch up the area a little bit. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to touch up an area multiple times. There comes a point when too much glue builds-up and the bond will not be secure, especially for water-based adhesives. If things ever get to that point the recommended fix is to completely remove everything, clean, and reattach.

Cut down on friction which causes hair to shed and reduces the lifespan of the hair system. Using a Satin pillowcase will dramatically reduce the level of friction. Do not over comb/brush your hair system. Do not wear hats or helmets for long periods of time.


Harmful UV Rays from the sun can cause the hair to oxidize and turn the hair color to a Orange or Red tone. Spending less time in the sun is the best way to avoid oxidation. If you must be subjected to the sun for long periods of time, then it is recommended that you use a cap. Utilizing leave-in-conditioners also will help protect your hair system from oxidation while hydrating and strengthening the hair. Make sure the products are Paraben, Sulfates, and Sodium Chloride free with UV and thermal protection.


Shampoo your hair system only when needed. 1 to 2 times per week at most. Shampooing the system too much will make your hair dry.

Conditioning your system daily will help to hydrate and strengthen the hair. We strongly recommend using a leave-in conditioner on a daily basis.



  1. Wet your own natural hair and head first. Pour a quarter sized amount of shampoo into your hands and begin to lather the shampoo into your own hair.
  2. Begin to move towards and over the top of the hair system and pat softly (do not rub)
  3. With shampoo covering the entire system begin to spread the shampoo using a gentle patting motion. This also will help get the shampoo through to your scalp.
  4. Once you feel like you shampooed enough, begin rinsing the entire head with water streaming in the same direction as the hair.