Fitting Methods

The beginning of a hair system starts with selecting a “Fitting Method.” The point of a wig fitting is to acquire the individuals head size, shape, etcetera. This step is very important and plays a big part in creating a hair system that looks natural. There are several ways to measure for a wig.  Some methods are more preferred than others but we will cover the ones we accept.


template making
Creating a Template

Custom Template

Supplying a template of your hair loss area is a fundamental part of ordering a hair replacement system.  The template will be used as a model from which we will acquire the correct size and shape of your hair loss area. This will help us achieve a system that will look completely natural and undetectable.


dpliDuplicate Unit

If you currently use a hair system, please feel free to send us an old or spare unit, providing it still fits perfectly. Using your existing system as a guide, we can not only the measure the size, but also ascertain other custom specifications such as; hair density, hair direction, curl & wave, color, etc.