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Extend-A-Bond (1 Strip)


Extenda-Bond tape is a super strong, super flexible tape that can last for up to six weeks! Extenda-Bond was the top end of the market, and rightly so. We didn’t think it would get much better than that, but then Extenda-Bond Plus came along!

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The extend-a-bond tape is made by Walker Tape Co. It has the longest hold time from 4-6 weeks. In addition, this strong wig tape uses fingerprint technology, which gives it a dull finish. Available in 100-count boxes and individual stripes. the highlight of which is the embedded fingerprint technology. Much like human fingerprints, these microscopic lines form an intricate pattern on the tape, which helps to reduce shine, while keeping your tape hidden under your hairpiece. Check out our hairpiece tape guide for more information. This strong wig tape is available in stock and ready for immediate shipping.

Hold Time 4+ Weeks
Wear Type Permanent
Contours Strips
Liner Color White
Compatible Base Lace


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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 13 × 2.5 × 2.5 in
Hold Time

Tape Contour

Carrier (Tapes)

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Walker Tape

Walker Tape started out of curiosity. After years of working in the hair replacement industry, founder Brent Bonham had a question. Was there a better way to produce innovative products by building custom machinery? Over the past 30 years, this question has been answered over and over again with a resounding, “Yes!” Like most successful companies, Walker Tape started very small. In 1985, the journey began by producing products in Brent’s basement. It didn’t take very long for Brent to start thinking of and building new machinery, transforming tedious manual processes into fully automated systems. It also didn’t take very long for Walker Tape to outgrow the basement and become established in the industry. Walker Tape is now the industry leader in tape and adhesive for hair replacement systems. This commitment to excellence has led to shipping products to customers all over the world. The confidence and loyalty that customers show is not taken lightly. Quality in products, people, and processes has always been a top priority and remains key to Walker Tape core values. Under the direction of Brent’s grandson and current CEO, Shane Stott, Walker Tape has also developed innovative products in the hair extension, fashion, and sports industries. As the company continues to grow, so does the desire to create the very best products and customer service possible.