Custom hair systems we offer are categorized into 3 different sizes. The classification is determined upon the area size. Top piece and 3/4″ caps are considered partial pieces. A full cap is for individuals with complete hair loss, which includes the sideburns. 

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AREAS UP TO 10″ X 7 ¾”​

A popular option for Men with traditional male baldness. Covers the hair loss area on top of the head from the front hairline to the crown.

¾” CAP

BETWEEN 10″ X 8″ and 10″ X 9 ¾”

Covering the head from the front hairline to the back of the head. The hair loss area extends further down the side and back of the head.


LARGER THAN 10″ X 9 ¾”

A full cap hair system is the most common with women or men who have complete hair loss or prefers the complete coverage of the scalp.