Hair Loss Consultations

Schedule a free consultation and speak with one of our hair loss specialists

The first step to dealing with your hair loss is to speak to an expert in that field. We understand how difficult it may be to take that initial step in taking action against hair loss. For that reason, we offer several convenient ways to speak to one of our in house experts about the solutions we can provide for each individuals situation. 

Our hair loss solutions consultation is completely free of charge. We assure you that it is 100% non-obligatory, convenient, & confidential. 

The main objective of a consultation is for us to understand the type of hair loss you’re dealing with. Also to get a general idea of your lifestyle, work environment, body chemistry, etc. This information will first determine if we can provide an effective solution. It will also help us provide various options according to your specific day to day routines.

If you or anyone you know are dealing with hair loss and wish to speak to a professional, we encourage you to schedule a consultation. Select a consultation method you are comfortable with. Via webcam, facetime, skype, phone or in-house. It is completely free so there’s nothing to lose.


Office Consultation

Schedule a consultation conducted at our showroom in the city of Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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Virtual Consultation

Schedule a virtual consultation conducted at the comfort of your own home